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Do you need to manage inductions, swms, permits, pre-start checklists, and all your safety operations in one central location? See why leading builders are switching to HammerTech for their onsite safety operations.

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What's Inside the Platform?

Site Operations

Site Operations

  • Online Inductions and Registrations
  • HSEQ Inspections
  • Bulletins
  • Site Diary
  • SWMS
  • (M) SDS


Contractor Management

Contractor Management

  • Plant Management
  • Employer and Personnel Management
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Public Project Site
  • Injury and Incident Management
  • Permits to Work
  • Meetings
  • Reporting
"The HammerTech Platform has allowed us to digitise our onsite safety requirements and paperwork, leading to greater efficiency, more transparency and ultimately a safer work environment. The system is highly customisable and implementation was straightforward and effective."
- Parkview

With 16 configurable modules, HammerTech was designed to support your unique company requirements. Complete your tech toolbox with construction's leading HSEQ platform.

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