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HammerTech makes existing jobsite processes and data more valuable. Turn inspections, incidents, orientations, permits,  labor hours daily report data and more into Jobsite IQ that prevents delays, reduces incidents and insurance costs.


Increase Productivity by up to 16%



Reduce Insurance Costs by up to 35%


Make Better Decisions Faster with real-time jobsite data



Reduce Incidents with a Certified Workforce

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Used by World Class Builders

Everything Compliance, Risk and Safety In One Place


Increase compliance for better profitability, and reduce delays with preventative risk insight.  Improve engagement while supporting productivity for everyone from trade partners through to executives. 

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"We were excited to find HammerTech because it was an opportunity to consolidate multiple work processes, improve productivity and to spot gaps in our ops and safety. With HT we can gain improvement through measurement, the results are replicable, and we're keeping our teams safe. Jobs not on HT are at a disadvantage"
DPR Construction Safety Director - James

Trusted By Leading General Contractors

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